Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LibAnswers: COM Library is #1!!!

COM Library is now the #1 most active LibAnswers institution in the world out of 443!!!! That is a lot of help for our students.

What is LibAnswers?
LibAnswers is a knowledge base of all the questions and answers that we help our students with. Last year we helped students 3,912 times directly. Even better, by posting all our Q&A online, other students can get help just by reading the previously answered question—and they do—over 38,000 times last year! View our most popular Q&A.

How did we do it?
We are a small community college, how did we become the most active system? We did not just build a knowledge database, we made it accessible. Every page on every COM Library LibGuide gives students access to library help via live chat, text, twitter, email, phone and the LibAnswers Ask Us button. We make sure each LibAnswer is answered quickly. We associate each answer with all relevant topics and we embed them in the appropriate LibGuides. We also make sure that we provide a link from every LibAnswer to relevant LibGuides adding more value to the LibAnswer so that students can get even more information on their topic.

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