Thursday, August 5, 2010

New LibGuide: Databases by Subject

Our most popular COM Library page, Databases, has been converted to a LibGuide, Databases by Subject: Google is great, but COM Library's databases get you the college level articles you need for your research faster. Search for articles in the best databases for your subject. Go to the Guide.

Special Features:
  • Real database questions from COM answered by COM Librarians, updated as they come in on the main page, and the appropriate subject page.
  • All our great databases listed by subject so our students know which are the best to use for their research. Subjects include: business, education, en EspaƱol, government & law, health & nursing, hot topics, humanities, kids, literature, multidisciplinary, reference, science, speech, social science, technology and Texas.
  • Relevant LibGuides on the subject will be conveniently listed on the database subject page so students can find even more resources on their topic.
  • Select high demand subjects have in depth LibGuides of their own: Hot Topics, Literature and Reference with instruction on the use of the best database for the subject, with more to come!
  • Special sections for great free databases too! Feel free to suggest any good free databases that you’d like us to add for your students.

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