Thursday, June 10, 2010

New LibGuide: Information Ethics

Why do you need to evaluate? It's one of your jobs as a college student. Your instructors expect you to be able to determine what sources are appropriate for college level research, as well as what is appropriate for your specific assignment. Go to the Guide!

  • Wikipedia Case Study on the Why You Need to Evaluate page.
  • Find out what to look for to evaluate, watch the Credible Sources count video or take the CRAAP Test on the 5 Steps to Evaluate page.
  • Watch the You quote it, you note it! video on the Cite Your Sources page.
  • Learn how to paraphrase, watch the Plagiarism: Don't Do it Video or take the OOPS, I Plagiarized tutorial on the Plagiarism: Don't Let This Happen To You page.
  • Students and faculty can leave a comment on any box on any page, review the entire guide or suggest more resources on the topic. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback!

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