Tuesday, May 12, 2009

COM Library's 1st Annual Green Cleaning

This year COM Library is piloting the 1st COM Library Annual Green Cleaning. What is green cleaning? It is a chance for you to bring us your clutter: old textbooks, magazines, mail and more, and we'll make sure it gets reduced, reused or recycled! We're partnering with Purchasing and the Ecology Club so that nothing will go to waste.

Why should you do it? Because everyone wins. Here's how:
  1. You
    You win because you get rid of stuff you're no longer using and more space in your place.
  2. Our Faculty
    Our faculty win because they can put old textbooks to good use.
  3. Our Students
    Our students win because they will directly benefit from funds raised by the Library and The Ecology Club, as well as getting access to the books added to the library's collection.
  4. Our Community
    Our community wins because landfill use is reduced and water and energy are saved.
  5. The Library
    The library wins because we get books for our collection or money to fund projects benefiting our students, faculty staff and community.
  6. The Ecology club
    The Ecology club wins because they get to recycle and raise funds for student projects.
  7. Third World Countries
    Third World countries win because textbooks that are old to you and me provide access to knowledge they otherwise would not have. This is a project undertaken by Purchasing.
Find out how you can help us all win!

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