Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Distance Ed students and Off Campus Database Access

Off Campus Database Access Problems
We’ve recently discovered that our Distance Ed students that do not have a COM ID card with barcode are unable to log into library databases off campus. If you do have a COM ID with barcode, you should be able to logon. The College is working hard to fix this problem. Meanwhile, if you’d like to make sure, you can put it to the test.

Put it to the Test
Go to COM Library’s database page when you are off campus. Scroll down the page until you see EBSCO: Business Source Complete (first database listed on page) and click on it. The Remote Access to COM Library Databases page will come up, with a login box for your COM ID # and last name. If your COM ID number does not add up to 7 digits, put enough zeroes in front of the number to add up to seven. Example: 1234 would be entered 0001234.

If you get into the database, you’ll know you’re good to go.

If you get a page that says " Invalid COM ID - Last Name combination. Please try again," you'll know you need to contact the library:
And remember, if you’ve got research questions, you can always Ask a Librarian.

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