Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book of the Month: August

I wrote this book with deepest respect and affection for my Amish heritage and have focused on the genuine virtues and values that best depict their slow-paced, horse and buggy way of life. I have highlighted the stress free lifestyle of the "gentle" Amish and have described their many soul soothing personal qualities along with their religious beliefs, ceremonies, child rearing practices and other aspects of their unique culture. In sum, this book is concerned with the customs and moral code of the Amish culture as written by those best qualified to do so--myself as a former Old Order Amish sect member along with Amish children and adults who are current participants in the Amish faith. The Amish are a unique, stress free, peace loving community of people living a slow-paced, patient, non violent lifestyle where force and retaliation are replaced by forgiveness and confession. Their daily life is void of the many stresses and strains so evident within the majority culture and research indicates that there is a low rate of depression among members. While society at large has suffered tremendous personal costs due to the discarding of many traditional, old fashioned, time proven values, the Amish embrace and live by such values seven days a week. ~ Joe Wittmer, Ph.D.

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