Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Test Off Campus Access to Library Databases

For whatever reason we are finding that many students are somehow being left off the list that allows you to access databases off campus to do research. We are working hard to figure out where the glitch is.

One problem we've noticed is that you're in such a rush to do your research, that you skipped by the info that tells you your COM ID# has to add up to 7 digits. So if your COM ID number does not add up to 7 digits, put enough zeroes in front of the number to add up to seven. Example: 1234 would be entered 0001234.

Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to test off campus access ASAP so library staff can fix your access! You can test it by:
  1. Off Campus Test
    Select any database on the databases page when off campus. The login page will come up automatically, and you can enter your info to test it.
  2. On Campus Test
    Go directly to the login page and enter your info to test it.

If you can't login, contact library staff from any method on the Ask A Librarian page. The info we need from you is your COM ID# and last name.

We’d rather have you find out now when there is time to fix it, rather than the night before your paper is due. Not that you'd ever wait till the night before to do your research…

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